Flatmates: Flatmates  CD/LP   (HHBTM Records / Subway Organisation)

Release date: March 13, 2020

Bio: A mere 34 years after their first show, indie – pop – punk band from Bristol UK, The Flatmates, release their eponymously titled first studio album, officially their debut, this Spring.

“The Flatmates” will be released early 2020 by The Subway Organization in Europe (the label’s first release since 1994), and by Happy Happy Birthday To Me in the US.

The album marks the culmination of a very fruitful period of writing for the band, with main songwriter guitarist Martin Whitehead’s songs being augmented by contributions from singer Lisa Bouvier and keyboard player Rocker.

The self-recorded album features thirteen (lucky for some) killer pop songs, all originals, including the opening track ‘Shut Up And Kiss Me’, which was released in late 2019 on a limited edition 7” by independent Greek label Old Bad Habits. Side one also takes in “You Held My Heart”, the first Flatmates single to be written by singer Lisa and the organ-swirling groove of “She’s So Bad for You”.

Side two opens with the anthem for the indie generation “Last Guitar in Town”, which Martin wrote after waking suddenly to find a tall dark figure standing at the foot of his bed and a gravelly voice speaking the words... “Listen son. No-one...gives a fuck...about your rock’n’roll”. “This Is Reality” brings you round with a slap in the face and the flip-side continues through the live favourite “Punk Moth” and the crime drama “The Night We Murdered Love”. “The Flatmates” closes with the brass-stabbing, string-sweeping, ivory-tickling, finger-snapping, soul-stomping call to the barricades that is “(If You’re Going To Give Your Life For A Lost Cause, Then...) Why Can’t It Be Love?”

With the release of “The Flatmates” the band have now notched up new releases in each of the 5 decades from the ‘80s to the ‘20s.

The album was recorded in Bristol at Rocker’s home studio StAR Studios, by bandmembers Martin, Lisa and Rocker plus bassist Matt and drummer Brian, with guest appearances by Wendy Pickles (The Popguns; The Perfect English Weather); Katie Gatt (Personal Best, Colour Me Wednesday); Geoff Gorton (Arrest! Charlie Tipper, The Dukes Of Mumbai); Harry Furniss (Iceman Furniss Quartet); and Thomas Aherne (The Proctors, Peru).

UK shows to promote the album release are being arranged for Spring 2020.