His Name Is Alive: Black Wings  DBL LP   (HHBTM Records)

Release date: April 9, 2018






Bio: Black Wings was originally designed as a collection of outtakes, demos and experiments, combining beautifully layered acapella vocal harmonies with heavy fuzz riffs and sci-fi soundtrack synths, and was included in the Patterns of Light Limited Edition Super Set (2016) but quickly grew in stature and attracted attention as a fundamentally unique stand-alone release.

Black Wings is 30 song cosmic double album housed in a deluxe gatefold sleeve and collages an insane variety of styles including psychedelic rock, new age meditation, medieval choral, and the protometal prog of early Rush and Hawkwind, while lyrically covering heavily researched creation myths, visionary theology, particle physics, dragons and some feelings about the fundamental forces of nature and witchcraft.

Black Wings is His Name is Alive's 101th release since their first cassette in 1986. HNIA spent 13 years recording for the legendary British label 4AD and in that time sold 100,000+ records, toured the world, received gold and platinum records for soundtracking Tom Cruise's nervous breakdown in the movie Jerry Maguire and collaborated on two short films with famed animators the Quay Brothers. Described variously by the press as "Absolutely beautiful" (CMJ), "A silver thread out of the labyrinth" (NME), "Moody, ethereal" (Trouser Press), "Lo-fi freakouts" (XL8R) and "Haunted, wholly out of time or context" (Plan B), His Name Is Alive continues to mystify with its longstanding tradition of bedroom dream pop experimentation.