Muuk: Balbuceo  digital   (Devil In The Woods Records)

Release date: February 21, 2020

Bio: Muuk is an experimental rock band born in Mexico City in the early 2013. They are a perfect mix electronic elements (turntable, sequences, synthesizers, acoustic drums and random audio samples) with traditional rock elements (guitar, bass and drums). The result is a dense, thunderous and frenetic instrumental music. They usually use uncommon harmonies to create entrapping atmospheres and the improvisational passages that hurdle you through each track.

The middle has been very busy since day one.

In 2013 they recorded a homemade EP with which helped them start making appearances at the big open air festivals with collectives such as Aquí no Hubo Escena, Colapso Post Rock, Lxs Grixes, Noise Affair, among others.

The band followed up their 2013 release with a small hand-made physical release in 2015. It was well received by both their fans and the media alike. The album was named one of the best of the year internationally (Indie Rocks, Sound & Vision), and being reviewed in many more national media such as Marvin, IMAS, URL Magazine, Letras Explícitas, Noisey, and some international as the American page Remezcla, Post Rock (the most important web com-munity in the world in instrumental music diffusion) experimental) the Ukrainian blog Faeton Music, the Italian blog Atlas of Sound and in radio programs Código DF Radio, GritaRadio and NoFM Radio among others, highlighting the tracks "Are You Mad", "De Niro" and "Trypophobia".

In that same year they appear in the documentary Aquí No Hubo Escena (Here There Was No Scene) (by the collec-tive of the same name), which was an amazing snapshot of the independent music scene of Mexico City.

In May 2018 they recorded in Wicce Records, along with some members from B.A.R.D.O.S.S., a free improvisation session titled Octómano. And in July of the same year they took part in the Hipnosis festival in its lineup revelation gig in the Indie Rocks forum.

Muuk has performed in some of the most important venues in Mexico City. such as Foro Indie Rocks, Caradura, Im-perial, Pasagüero, Multiforo Cultural Alicia, Multiforo 246, Centro de Cultura Digital y Bajo Circuito, among others, as well as in several states of the country, such as Guadalajara, Aguascalientes, Querétaro, Puebla, Morelia and Oaxaca.

In 2019, the band finished their second album, “Balbuceo” which was mixed by Alap Momin, founding member of Dälek in New York and mastered by Alan Douches in West West Side Studios (Swans, Chelsea Wolfe, Thw Chemi-cal Brothers, Animal Collective, among others).

It was with this second full length album the band caught the attention of Devil in the Woods.

Muuk (2014)
TL57 (single) (2015)
Octómano (2018) / In collaboration with the Mexican kraut band “Bardoss”
Balbuceo ( 2019)