Nervous Twitch: Some People Never Change  CD / LP   (Reckless Yes Records)

Release date: October 7, 2022

Nervous Twitch - Some People Never Change CD/LP (Reckless Yes Records)

Bio: Nervous Twitch—talk about a perfect band name! Listening to their fifth album, Some People Never Change, it’s hard not to notice the nervous energy of front woman Erin Hyde’s vocals. Nervous Twitch built a solid reputation for songs that bristle with punk energy, mixing a vibe that also incorporates girl group passion, post-punk angularity, and even the occasional surf guitar cool.

Some People Never Change offers up a baker’s dozen tracks that deal in attitude and the personal. “We Don’t Care” takes on critics with a snarl, “What The Hell” takes on the frustrations of modern life, while “The History of The Wild West” deals with escaping the world for a less stressful one. But it’s not all anger as an energy; “This Mad At The World” is a ballad that show you can relate your frustrations in a gorgeous, acoustic ballad. “You Never Let Me Down” is a delightful love song with a girl-group vibe, while “Forgive Yourself” offers up a meditation in self-forgiveness.

Some People Never Change is a delight of a record, one that offers up curious insight into Erin Hyde’s and Jamie Churchley’s mindset and world—but more to the point, it’s a fun listen, full of anger and hope and love and frustration and more, easily relatable to those who happen to reside on Earth circa 2022.