Sleaford Mods at Backseat Mafia

There’s not a band around at the moment like Sleaford Mods. The Nottingham two piece deliver minimalist beats punk beats courtesy of Andrew Fearn, and the people’s poetry of Jason Williamson, at once commenting on the social issues that affect us all, at another full of enthusiasm and humour, has this startlingly abrupt brilliance about it.

They’re back with a new single, Litttle Ditty / I’m shit at it, out via Emotional Rsponce on Monday (9th February). The A side is taken from the bands top ten album ‘Divide and Exit’, and starts with this punkish bassline, as Williamson spouts his wisdom over the track, as the band prove once again they’ve got the ability to both make you smile and make you think. Flip side ‘I’m shit at it’ is once again that the band can work using even the most minimal of musical lines, their midland drawl.hovering over everything, as they extols the virtues or otherwise of being, well, shit at mostly everything, before this dark bassline and drum provides the backing for tales from the everyday ‘f***ing’ life (the mods own words).

The world needs The Sleaford Mods.