The Primitives at Get It On Vinyl

Like many, my only previous exposure to The Primitives was their single, “Crash.” My lack of knowledge is simply because of my age. So with a reformation and their long awaited LP in our hands, and some research on their back catalogue, we jumped right into Spin O Rama.

From the opening moments of the title track, Spin O Rama sounds like they haven’t missed much since their late 80’s heyday. Musically this was proven in their 2012 cover album, Echoes & Rhymes. However the verdict is in and the band can still write enjoyable original pop rock songs. The title track has a retro vibe and the bands trademark pop sound of lead singer Tracy Tracy’s vocals. It’s clear to hear the bands influence on a number of bands, including some newer artists like Best Coast.

Just because the band proves that their chops are free of dust, does not mean that there are not some new tools at work. Guitarist Paul Court is holding down half of the vocal duties now and his voice gives a darker tone on tracks “Purifying Tone” and “Wednesday World.” Court and Tracy even team up for the call and answer style “Lose the Reason,” an exceptional faster paced rock track with a lyrical premise that works well with the vocals. The second half also lends itself to denser, nosier songs that flirt with crossing the line into dream pop.

Spin O Rama is a great record, guaranteed to please fans who have followed the band for many years. For those of just jumping in, it sounds like a great place to start.

The Vinyl
Released on Elefant Records, the album is pressed on bright green wax and includes a full color jacket, lyric sleeve, and digital download card. You can order a copy from your local independent record store or directly from Elefant Records.