The Wedding Present – Song of the Day at This is Not a Drill

It’s funny. When I was younger, I couldn’t stand any of this talk about romance and relationships. That’s all girl stuff, base pleasures, distractions – and besides, I had my own fantasy worlds to explore. But now with the rolling of years – and a love life that still doesn’t exist – desire has led me up and over the mundane mindset of adulthood. And who better to guide a hopeless virgin like me in these mad frontiers than David Gedge, that impresario of passion, a true grown-up teenager who still swims with such grace and tenacity through chronicles of love?

Ah, me. Sometimes you can’t explain why a song lifts you up so quickly. That’s me with all my favorite Wedding Present songs, and that’s where I am with the new album, Going, Going.“Two Bridges” is the first rush of blood after the gorgeous portrait painted by the four opening tracks – and my god, how many bands half Gedge’s age can so consistently write such compact and wiry rock songs such as these? And how many, indeed, can pivot so elegantly from full throttle rendezvous to elegiac goodbye? That’s nothing new in the Weddo book, but then some books cry to be cracked open again.

The Wedding Present’s staggering new album Going, Going is out now on HHBTM. Order here