The Wedding Present Interview at The Big Takeover

You’re going at full speed and full out on Going, Going…, a collection of compositions that captures not only a transcontinental road trip of the US, but also, via your lyrics, the indecision, self-examination, convictions, realizations, and revelations of the person behind the wheel. I take it you literally went on this US road trip before creating the album. Or does this symphonically wandering to driving indie rock journey spring directly from your imagination?

DAVID: No, I literally went on the road trip… along with photographer Jessica McMillan. We started in Maine and meandered through twenty states until we reached Southern California… and each of the tracks on Going, Going… is named after a location we visited on the journey. The experience informed the music and the lyrics and we also made short films in each of the states…

Why the US and not England? What is it about the US that inspired the album or did the musical concept strike you before the actual trip?

DAVID: That’s a good question. I did consider the idea of a European version. Twenty countries from Iceland to Istanbul, or something? Maybe that’ll be Going, Going… 2, haha. But I think I see America as the home of the road trip! The landscape is so varied and remarkable… Cinematic, I guess… Inspiring, anyway!

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