Tunabunny at Dynamite Hemorrhage

Previous Tunabunny albums have always been marked by the occasional detours away from their Pylon-accented noise-pop blueprint & into more experimental sound collage territory, but on Kingdom Technology, they’ve fully given themselves over to those once-brief shortcuts toward non-linearity & the off-kilter sound glitches resulting from their choice to record this latest LP on an imperfect sound input device apparently liberated from a dumpster at the University of Georgia. They’ve also been eating some serious dub for breakfast & it shows, like during the six opening minutes of “Airless Spaces,” with its repetitive mutant disco bass/drums groove & submerged spectral vocals (from guitarists Brigette Adair Herron & Mary Jane Hassell), or “Save it Up,” with a decidedly warped & wobbly early-80s ZE Records-style electronic pulse. I think their greatest successes come when they take their stabs at short & sweet fuzzed-out pop songs & there’s a few such gems scattered amongst the musique concrete manipulations here – namely “Coming For You,” with the sort of sharp hook & sublime harmonies that most power-pop bands would kill for & “Canaries in Mineshafts,” which is barely over a minute long & sounds kind of like a female-fronted Chairs Missing-era Wire wrapped around some gloriously messy Sonic Youth guitar noise. That being said, I’m still curious what they’ll dig out of the trash for their next album. (Happy Happy Birthday to Me – hhbtm.com)