Bastards of Fate and Tunabunny at Stereo Embers

Bastards of Fate: Possibly the most challenging listen of all 40 albums on this list, the rewards unlocked by repeated spins are so rich and satisfying the word ‘ample’ barely suffices. Though one supposes that the gloriously inspired noise they make rather ensures a measure of obscurity, it’s nonetheless unfair. All the world should be… Continue reading Bastards of Fate and Tunabunny at Stereo Embers

Tunabunny at Dynamite Hemorrhage

Previous Tunabunny albums have always been marked by the occasional detours away from their Pylon-accented noise-pop blueprint & into more experimental sound collage territory, but on Kingdom Technology, they’ve fully given themselves over to those once-brief shortcuts toward non-linearity & the off-kilter sound glitches resulting from their choice to record this latest LP on an… Continue reading Tunabunny at Dynamite Hemorrhage

Tunabunny at Flagpole

Eccentric and prolific local rock group Tunabunny is reportedly prepping yet another new LP, titled PCP Presents Alice in Wonderland Jr., the follow-up to March’s weird and lovely Kingdom Technology. But while they’re at it, they’re still churning out visual accompaniments to tracks from the last release. Today, we’re happy to premiere one such project, the video for Kingdom Technology‘s ethereal… Continue reading Tunabunny at Flagpole

Tunabunny at Fear and Loathing in Long Beach

I love your latest record Kingdom Technology. In my opinion, it’s a primal garage scream of electronica, erotica, and neurotic impulse. What impact did you seek with the compositions and accompanying album artwork? Our friends Chris Nelms and Jason Matherly did the artwork, and aside from thinking they’re wildly talented we’re big fans of each… Continue reading Tunabunny at Fear and Loathing in Long Beach

Tunabunny at The Finest Kiss

As Elvis Costello once and, “accidents will happen” Athens, Georgia’s Tunabunny found a synthesizer in the garbage heap and infused their indierock with some art school blips and bleeps and came up with one of the catchiest, funnest sounding records of the year. [Link]

Tunabunny at Whisperin and Hollerin

I know very little about Tunabunny other than they come from Athens, Georgia and I was sent this vinyl LP which features great painted sleeve artwork by the band themselves. It seems to indicate they are probably art-rockers of some kind.The album proffers a quiet, lo-fi opening that builds as the Naomi Yang-like vocals come… Continue reading Tunabunny at Whisperin and Hollerin

Bastards of Fate, Tunabunny, and Muuy Biien at Pop Rock Nation

Bastards of Fate, Vampires are Real and Palpable. Loud, woozy, strange, carnivalesque, racing from one idea to another, and prone to explosions — all with crooned melodic vocals. Muuy Biien, D.Y.I. An abrasive, churning, hostile splatter of echoey 2-minute punk-rock songs, more spoken/yelled than sung, that’s very well-played for what it is and ends up striking me as lots… Continue reading Bastards of Fate, Tunabunny, and Muuy Biien at Pop Rock Nation