High Violets at Stereo Embers

Sometimes the problem with being local heroes is eventually you get taken for granted, washed over by the ceaseless tide of the new. Ironically, this is especially true, it seems, when you’re as consistently excellent as the High Violets have been. Jump-started back in 1998 by Clint Sargent and Luke Strahota following the collapse of… Continue reading High Violets at Stereo Embers

Witching Waves at Stereo Embers

These being the days they are, where every man woman child and mother in the indie world are clambering onto a bandwagon laden with carelessly spangled neo-lysergic tropes of every dredged-up variety, its understandable that one could hear the band name ‘Witching Waves’ and be immediately beset by mis-impression, ie assume them to be some… Continue reading Witching Waves at Stereo Embers

deardarkhead at Stereo Embers

Spooky. Liminal. Wrapped in gleaming smoke while twisting mirrors into ribbons. Vast of inference, flocked with spires of melody, circling you like a sonic Möbius strip, the noise Deardarkhead make invites more mystery than it solves which is almost certainly the point but what’s that matter when they sound as beguilingly gorgeous as this? History… Continue reading deardarkhead at Stereo Embers

Eureka California at Stereo Embers

All punk bands – or bands with punk’s energy however else they’re categorized – have to grow up whether they want to or not. Resistance, no matter how vigorously applied, is futile. Now, I don’t know if they realize it or not, but the unstoppable force of nature that is Eureka California – Jake Ward… Continue reading Eureka California at Stereo Embers

Great Lakes at Stereo Embers

Perhaps the greatest crime of many perpetuated by such splashy celebrations of glossy mediocrity like the recent Grammys broadcast (the astonishing Kendrick Lamar appearance and a handful of others – the Hamilton bit, the heartfelt BB King tribute – notwithstanding) is the leveling – nay, dulling – impact it tends to have on the sharpness… Continue reading Great Lakes at Stereo Embers

Thee Koukouvaya, Mind Brains at Stereo Embers

Thee Koukouvaya An absolute mind-fuck of seductive electronic imagination, nothing much prepared us for this release in August on Saint Marie Records. Plumbing the depths of time while skimming along on the visceral edge of the modern, this Greek band came out of a kind of cosmic left field and left us flattened and exhilarated.… Continue reading Thee Koukouvaya, Mind Brains at Stereo Embers

Antlered Aunt Lord at Stereo Embers

Remember this Tunabunny review from 2014? If not, take a quick scan then come back (we’ll wait for you). Intrigued? Well, yes, so were we when offered this latest single from that band’s enigmatic, prolific, uncontainable mad genius of a drummer Antlered Aunt Lord (his mother named him ‘Jesse’) – and cohorts – from his/their… Continue reading Antlered Aunt Lord at Stereo Embers

Knowlton Bourne at Stereo Embers

What would a train sound like if it could express the loneliness it feels speeding through a dark deserted night? If I were forced to guess it would sound eerily similar to the sigh and echoed dual harmonicas announcing the lazy swoon of a groove that opening track “Summer Sun” luxuriously occupies on newcomer Knowlton… Continue reading Knowlton Bourne at Stereo Embers