Tunabunny at Dagger

Athens’ prolific no-wavers Tunabunny are at it again, presenting their fourth album in as many years, and it’s a stunner. It’s dense, complex, and dark. It’s also easily their most experimental record to date. One minute they’re doing this really great indiepop take on Belinda Carlisle, all sweet harmonies between Brigette Herron & Mary Jane Hassell…until… Continue reading Tunabunny at Dagger

Tunabunny Video Debut at Clash Music

Hailing from that esteemed corner of humanity known as Athens, Georgia,Tunabunny are now onto their fourth album. Mull that over for a second. In this time of music industry crisis, a band as bizarre, surreal, colourful and wonderfully different as Tunabunny have mustered up the pennies to record not one but FOUR studio albums – and… Continue reading Tunabunny Video Debut at Clash Music

Tunabunny at Examiner

Music built around pop melodies, vocal harmonies and chunky guitars is what the Athens, GA band Tunabunny is known for. Taking that age old formula they mix in a few personal touches to give their music an extra something making it stand out among the glutton of mediocre bands out there today. Building on the success of Genius Fatigue they have released Kingdom Technology which… Continue reading Tunabunny at Examiner

Tunabunny and Muuy Biien at Tuning Into The Obscure

Tunabunny – Kingdom Technology Tunabunny never disappoint.  This LP is a bit noiser than their previous album, complete with a full employment if distortion in spots and strange, almost hypnotic vocal harmonics in some tracks.  This release is bold and is not afraid to pack catchy punk-indie rock gems in tightly with shorter vocal and… Continue reading Tunabunny and Muuy Biien at Tuning Into The Obscure

Tunabunny at When You Motor Away

Athens, GA’s Tunabunny has released Kingdom Technology, their followup to last year’s Genius Fatigue (WYMA review here).It’s a very good record, and it’s all over the place… there’s dance-rock, guitar-based postpunk, intensely focused krautrock, and throughout, in selected spots, the soaring vocal harmonies that first attracted most folks to their previous records. I get the sense that Tunabunny (Brigette Herron &… Continue reading Tunabunny at When You Motor Away

Tunabunny at Vinyl District

The release of Kingdom Technology documents a huge leap forward for Tunabunny, a very likeable Athens, GA outfit that up to this point has been pretty easy to pigeonhole. Continuing to play it safe could’ve resulted in additional quality music, and some of it perhaps might’ve ended up great, but it wouldn’t likely carry the same weight as these… Continue reading Tunabunny at Vinyl District

Tunabunny at babysue

We’ve been barking about Tunabunny ever since we first heard them a while back. This Athens, Georgia band has a totally groovy and rockin’ underground sound that is instantly appealing and cool. Folks who miss the gritty harsh rock sounds of the 1990s will find a lot to love about this band. Instead of the safe and honed-to-perfection sound… Continue reading Tunabunny at babysue

Tunabunny at Get It On Vinyl

Last time we reviewed Tunabunny, we were very impressed by their ability to balance their pop and punk influences without jumping too far in either direction. The fine line they walked not only made for enjoyment of both genres influences, but gave their sound a sense of controlled chaos that made Genius Fatigue a real enjoyably listen. Now… Continue reading Tunabunny at Get It On Vinyl