Tunabunny at Examiner

Music built around pop melodies, vocal harmonies and chunky guitars is what the AthensGA band Tunabunny is known for. Taking that age old formula they mix in a few personal touches to give their music an extra something making it stand out among the glutton of mediocre bands out there today. Building on the success of Genius Fatigue they have released Kingdom Technology which pushes their sound to bolder levels.

The album begins with a droning electric noise that borders on annoying before being rescued by Herron’s & Hassell’s familiar vocal harmonies on “Airless Spaces”. They crank it up on “Canaries In Mineshafts” with ear blistering guitars and pounding rhythms. This is when the band is at its best. The album is an interesting mix of rockers, (“Good God Awful”), pop tunes (“Chalked Up”) and experimentation (“Tete-A-Tete”). With songs ranging from around a minute to over six they invite listeners into their musical word creating a soundscape that may not grab you from the start but gets better with time.

It is bands like Tunabunny that make it exciting to be a music fan. There tunes allow people to step outside of the box and partake in original sounds and unique arrangements. While not everyone’s cup of tea, Kingdom Technology hits the spot when you are looking to listen to something different. Give it a listen and enjoy what they have to offer.