Tunabunny Video Debut at Clash Music

Hailing from that esteemed corner of humanity known as Athens, Georgia,Tunabunny are now onto their fourth album.

Mull that over for a second. In this time of music industry crisis, a band as bizarre, surreal, colourful and wonderfully different as Tunabunny have mustered up the pennies to record not one but FOUR studio albums – and they haven’t starved in the process.

Truly, this is a joyous time to be alive. New full length ‘Kingdom Technology’ hit record shelves back in April, and predictably it was a tumbling torrent of musical ideas which gleefully thumbed their nose at convention.

For once, here was a DIY group who realised that DIY didn’t mean sounding as if being on SST was still a big deal. Stripped from said LP, ‘Power Breaks’ is both wilfully dissonant and utterly sweet.

The percussive tick sitting underneath is almost Industrial sounding, a funky tick composed of rusting machinery. Amidst clanging guitars the hypnotic vocals seem to sarcastically pick apart the hedonist ideal – but manage to somehow party harder than ever before through sheer cold clarity.

The video for ‘Power Breaks’ features two girls having a tea party, before things take a turn for the surreal.

Watch it now.