Tunabunny at babysue

We’ve been barking about Tunabunny ever since we first heard them a while back. This Athens, Georgia band has a totally groovy and rockin’ underground sound that is instantly appealing and cool. Folks who miss the gritty harsh rock sounds of the 1990s will find a lot to love about this band. Instead of the safe and honed-to-perfection sound that currently makes most commercial artists sound like carbon copies of one another, Kingdom Technology presents imaginative tracks that are simple, direct, and intriguing. What blows our minds about this band is the fact that at this point in time when they’ve already paid their dues, most bands would clean up the sound and make it more commercial to reach more people. But the folks in Tunabunny seem to be taking the exact opposite approach. This album will confuse many folks to be sure. But listeners who like music that causes them to think and reflect will find a lot to love here. These folks don’t need a big production and digital effects to get their point across. When you’ve got good solid songs and you can really play like hell, all you really need is a handful of tracks to make things work. Fourteen groovy cuts here…with lots of surprises in store. This vinyl LP includes a card with a code for a free download. We can’t get enough of Tunabunny. Totallyrockin’ stuff! TOP PICK.