Tunabunny at Dagger

Athens’ prolific no-wavers Tunabunny are at it again, presenting their fourth album in as many years, and it’s a stunner. It’s dense, complex, and dark. It’s also easily their most experimental record to date. One minute they’re doing this really great indiepop take on Belinda Carlisle, all sweet harmonies between Brigette Herron & Mary Jane Hassell…until you listen to the lyrics. Dark, dark, dark! I’ve always felt that they’ve had a Raincoats-like vibe, and songs like “Not New Years” and “Chalked Up” sorta prove my point. The opening epic “Airless Spaces,” though, is a very dense experimental number that sort of floats around, while the closing epic, “(They Say) This Is Where Our Dreams Live” is just flat-out creepy. These folk have always been about following their creative muses, and they’ve done just that, coming up with their most compelling music to date. www.hhbtm.com