Tunabunny and Muuy Biien at Tuning Into The Obscure

Tunabunny – Kingdom Technology

Tunabunny never disappoint.  This LP is a bit noiser than their previous album, complete with a full employment if distortion in spots and strange, almost hypnotic vocal harmonics in some tracks.  This release is bold and is not afraid to pack catchy punk-indie rock gems in tightly with shorter vocal and electronic-ish oriented pieces.  That said, this album features a slightly experimental edge to their otherwise pop rock / indie punk sound. It makes me wonder if we’re seeing the band evolve or if the genre they’ve created is evolving into something else.  That in itself is exciting.  Whether or not they’re intentionally moving in a new direction remains to be seen but for me, this album certainly is solid. (4.8 out of 5).

MUUY BIIEN – This is What Your Mind Imagines

Wild indie punk with astonishingly brilliant guitar work bring this album to a roaring life.  Slamming lyrics, blasting guitars, and roaring percussion create something wild and incredible to the surface.  This is a band who is not afraid to create a sound that is unlike any other, complete with random instrumentals that border on experimentalism.  It’s like the best of 70s punk meets the future.  What more could you ask for? (4.8)


Pressed on white vinyl, this LP features quite an interesting mixture of sounds, ranging from punk, garage, power pop, indie rock, instrumental indie and even some light hints of metal and hard rock.  It is hard to compare MUUY BIIEN’s previous albums to their current releases as each one has something freshly unique to offer and each one is incredibly awesome as it stands as a whole.  I like how both this album and their previous album have instrumental tracks spread about throughout both releases.  They never feel like fillers and in their own way, bring things together, giving the album a sense of wholeness.  (4.9 out of 5)

-I kind of want to see them do an album of wild instrumentals now…..