Eureka California at Flagpole

“This is more our speed,” says Jake Ward as he lifts a piece of Popeye’s chicken to his mouth. Cajun-tinged jazz is playing over the fast-food restaurant’s speakers, and there are two TVs—one in front of and one behind Ward and bandmate Marie Uhler—set to a low murmur. The first is on ESPN, which is… Continue reading Eureka California at Flagpole

Antlered Aunt Lord at Flagpole

Antlered Aunt Lord, the slow-simmering local garage-pop project led by songwriter Jesse Stinnard (also of Tunabunny fame), is all set to release its Ostensibly Formerly Stunted (and on fire) LP Nov. 20 via HHBTM. Today, we’re tickled pink to provide y’all with a first taste of the LP via the video for “The Beezwax,” the record’s fuzz-forward, steadfastly… Continue reading Antlered Aunt Lord at Flagpole

Athens Intensified at Flagpole

Start with New Orleans bounce powerhouse Vockah Redu, pausing if you can to dig the Nas sample on “Fantahsea.” Move from there to cool bluesman Willis Earl Beal, and drop out further with the jagged disquiet of Brooklyn’s Guts Club. You’ve still only dipped a toe into Athens Intensified, now in its fourth year and… Continue reading Athens Intensified at Flagpole

Marshmallow Coast at Flagpole

Though it was associated with Athens’ Elephant 6 collective, songwriter Andy Gonzales’ Marshmallow Coast (alternately known as M Coast) never achieved the same widespread recognition as some of its contemporaries, perhaps due to the group’s high level of turnover, or its frontman’s unwillingness to pigeonhole the project. Indeed, Gonzales has never sat still long enough… Continue reading Marshmallow Coast at Flagpole

Marshmallow Coast at Flagpole

The show is billed as “Gonzalez vs. Gonzales,” but it’s a contrived controversy: Drive-By Truckers’ Jay Gonzalez and Andy Gonzales of Marshmallow Coast stress to Flagpole that they they admire each other’s work. Friday night, the local pop mainstays will each celebrate the release of a new record by co-headlining the 40 Watt Club. After… Continue reading Marshmallow Coast at Flagpole

Marshmallow Coast at Flagpole

COAST ALONG: Longtime Athens musician Andy Gonzales has directed his almost 20-year project Marshmallow Coast through the distinctive lens of his multi-tentacled musical tastes. His newest album, Vangelis Rides Again, will come out May 5 on HHBTM Records. Moving away from the 1990s sound the project had for a long time, the new album also… Continue reading Marshmallow Coast at Flagpole

Mind Brains at Flagpole

Mind Brains’ self-titled debut pushes the psychedelic sounds of Elephant 6 deeper and higher into the outer limits. As the CD’s opening number, “Happy Stomp,” unravels its long, drawn-out rhythms, Kraftwerk’s “Europe Endless” and Faust’s “It’s a Rainy Day (Sunshine Girl)” are musical touchstones. These Krautrock staples light the path that Mind Brains—a group whose… Continue reading Mind Brains at Flagpole