Antlered Aunt Lord at Flagpole

Antlered Aunt Lord, the slow-simmering local garage-pop project led by songwriter Jesse Stinnard (also of Tunabunny fame), is all set to release its Ostensibly Formerly Stunted (and on fire) LP Nov. 20 via HHBTM. Today, we’re tickled pink to provide y’all with a first taste of the LP via the video for “The Beezwax,” the record’s fuzz-forward, steadfastly hummable lead single.

Says Stinnard:

Lucy Calhoun (guitarist/singer in AAL) made [the video] after sitting down and learning iMovie one day. It stars Brigette, Destiny, Noam and Ravi. The more I watch it, the more it seems to be about a micro-universe in a cup and our effect on it.

Watch “The Beezwax” below:

Click through for the video!