Witching Waves at Collective Zine

The blurb on this one suggested a healthy Sonic Youth influence and that’s pretty good timing for me personally at the moment as I’m in the midst of the annual Sonic Youth rediscovery binge – I’ve had “Goo”, “Daydream Nation” and “Dirty” in particular on repeat lately.

On to Witching Waves then. They’re a London band who definitely show that Sonic Youth influence in parts – the interplay between the two vocalists for starters and it manifests itself clearly on some of the songs like the opening riff on “Make It Up”, the noisy “Receiver” and the instrumental “Inoa” which follows it. However, this influence is mixed in with something altogether more post punk that makes me think they fit in well with other London bands like Feature. For me, this record is consistently strong throughout but really hits its stride about halfway through. “The Threat” is built around a big grooving riff and drumbeat and the yells of “I try, I try, I try” can only have me thinking of Pavement’s “Conduit For Sale!” It’s a great song and a standout on an excellent album. I’m back in England next week and might even buy it.