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Pinkshinyultrablast at Built on a Weak Spot

Wow, honestly didn’t know this band was still active, as Pinkshinyultrablastreleased an EP years ago and kind of disappeared after that. Seeing as how there has been an abundance of shoegaze bands reuniting recently, they probably chose the most opportune time to step back into the land of the living. Opener ofEverything Else Matters sounds like a sample from a Seefeel track before vaulting into the tried and true trademark of the genre, wall of distortion. Don’t get any ideas that the band sound like Scott Cortez’s Astrobrite project, that of which I’m guessing they are named after, unless I’m missing something here…in which case forgive me. There are some rather nice electronic flourishes/sequences that mix well with what they are doing and the faint female vocals are about as pleasant as could be. It’s been awhile since I’ve listened to their debut EP, but I recall it being much heavier and indebted to the typical MBV feedback sound than anything that is found here on Everything Else Matters…so at some point they’ve made a significant (and welcomed) shift towards a more focused dream-pop sound that somewhat reminds me of Pia Fraus. After such a layoff however, it’s certainly going to be a challenge gaining some traction and making a dent amongst of the slew of bands currently partaking in this “revival” of shoegaze…