Bunnygrunt at Big Takeover

St. Louis, MO garage rockers, Bunnygrunt, return with another loud, fuzzy concoction hoping to shed the “twee” tag once and for all with Black Sabbath references and even forays into krautrock.

While still melodic with a pop edge, Vol.4sports the kind of energetic rock’n‘roll that makes you want to jump up, convulse idiotically and sing along to your favorite choruses while soaked in cheap Midwestern beer. Songs like “Open My Eyes,” “I Quit, Mr. White” and “Still Chooglin’ (After All These Beers)” could be lost Killed By Death cuts, while “The Book That I Wrote” and the seven-minute “Chunt Bump” propel into the hypnotic psychedelia of Neu! and early Kraftwerk. In blatant disregard for hipster aesthetics, the CD has twice as many tracks as the vinyl, including striking covers ofCrime Squad, Warren Zevon and Red Pony Clock. It’s an all-out party from beginning to end, a brief moment when life’s realities can be forgotten with friends, alcohol and great music.

Anyone who still refers to Bunnygrunt as “twee” after this is either stuck in the past or has no clue. Turn up Vol.4 and rock out because it’s fun.