Antlered Auntlord, Bunnygrunt, and Try the Pie at Jersey Beat

Antlered Aunt Lord This has me excited! Why? Back in the late 70s and into the 80s, there was some incredible music being made. There was a veritable explosion of diversity and experimentalism in musical styles in the wake of the disillusionment with arena rock and disco. Punk and hardcore won the day, in the… Continue reading Antlered Auntlord, Bunnygrunt, and Try the Pie at Jersey Beat

Bunnygrunt at Maximum Rock and Roll

Even though the title, cover artwork, and the first few seconds of each side are pretty clever jabs at Black Sabbath, this group doesn’t appear to be the slightly hilarious stoners blaring tired-ass doom I expected, and I am super thankful for that. Instead we have some super basement pop that is slightly jangly at… Continue reading Bunnygrunt at Maximum Rock and Roll

Bunnygrunt at KDHX

When it comes to noisy, giddy, poppy punk, Bunnygrunthas been setting the standard in St. Louis since the early ’90s. “Still Chooglin’ (After All These Beers),” an affectionate sendup of sloppy and speedy two-chord bar rock (if not CCR itself), shows they’ve still got a lot left in the tank. [Link]

Bunnygrunt at Stereo Embers

Born in the tweedledum, B&S-addled mid-nineties (their 1995 Action Pants! debut is an aggro-primitivist lost classic of that most precious of canons), St Louis band Bunnygrunt has done what few bands have the guts, gumption, or reckless heart to do any more: they hit the neverending road and ground it out, criss-crossing the frayed ribbons… Continue reading Bunnygrunt at Stereo Embers

Bunnygrunt at Neufutur

While the band and label are still opting to describe Bunnygrunt as “Cuddlecore,” I think Power Pop does just fine here as a descriptor. The latest from the St. Louis band, Vol. 4, their sixth album, is brimming with infectiously addictive songs that span anywhere from one-to- seven minutes, but the band really excels when… Continue reading Bunnygrunt at Neufutur

Bunnygrunt at Pittsburgh in Tune

Indie outfit Bunnygrunt have been at it, off and on, for more than 20 years without ever capturing the mainstream’s fancy. Matt Harnish and Karen Ried are the guiding creative forces behind the trio’s blend of 90’s-era indie pop and DIY punk and fifth full-length “Vol. 4” is their first album since 2009’s “Matt Harnish… Continue reading Bunnygrunt at Pittsburgh in Tune

Bunnygrunt at Maximum Rock n Roll #387

Never heard of these folks before this gem landed on my desk (so to speak), but sure am real glad to make their acquaintance. Apparently, they’re a sort of legendary (in a very small way) indie-pop/rock band, whose main claim to fame is that one of their songs back in the day (like in the… Continue reading Bunnygrunt at Maximum Rock n Roll #387