Bunnygrunt at Pittsburgh in Tune

Indie outfit Bunnygrunt have been at it, off and on, for more than 20 years without ever capturing the mainstream’s fancy. Matt Harnish and Karen Ried are the guiding creative forces behind the trio’s blend of 90’s-era indie pop and DIY punk and fifth full-length “Vol. 4” is their first album since 2009’s “Matt Harnish & Other Delights.”

It’s a 16-track, 44-minute slab that sounds very rough around the edges — not unlike a collection of demo recordings — but an album that I find growing on me each time I give it a spin. The centerpiece of “Vol. 4,” without question, is seven-minute opus “Chunt Bump.” It’s a remarkable tune that offers a glimpse into just how good Bunnygrunt can be.

Unfortunately, the rest of the record can’t quite measure up, though Bunnygrunt manage to impress on “I Quit, Mr. White,” “Still Chooglin’ (After …),” “He’s About a Leaver,” “1000% Not Creepy (Tweepop Version)” and “Don’t Forget Who Your Friends Are.” This one merits some attention.