Close Lobsters at Big Takeover (print)

Somewhat overlooked during their initial run during the late 80s, Glasgow’s Close Lobsters mined the same vein of jangly, frenetic C86 guitar pop as many of their fellow countrymen. They recorded just two albums, Foxheads Stalk This Land (1987) and Headache Rhetoric (1989), before calling it a day, but fortunately, they’ve regrouped and now issued their first recordings in more than two decades — this two-songer. On the A-side, “Now Time,” aside from a little lyrical world-weariness, the band pretty much picks up where they left off — it’s a fantastic mix of sparkling hooks and songwriting smarts. Similarly, the flipside, “New York City in Space,” combines reverie about the Bowery with chiming guitars to good effect, making it abundantly clear that it’s good to have them back.