Cosines at god is in the tv

Cosines are name I’d heard but until now I had never had the fortune to listen to a bar of their music, that’s all changed now. Cosines are London group, with a charming slant on DIY pop music.

Their second single ‘Commuter Love’ is out on the 12th of May via the marvelous Fika Recordings imprint (home of Tigercats, Making Marks, the Smittens). Honing into view on the back of a charming fuzz box glam pop riff cribbed and subverted from Norman Greenbaum’s 60s hit ‘Spirit in the Sky’ a giddy kick beat and sinewy synth trails, all painted with alluringly push-pull of knowing fem-vox that surf the teasing line between Saint Etienne and the 70s pop swing of mid periodBelle and Sebastian. Telling the tale of the modern day frustration of having a relationship with your job rather than the one you want to have with your friends(“This job stupid don’t give me no time/to have fun with my best friend…Commuter love don’t turn me on!’), there must be more to life than this indeed! A delightful slippery pop ear worm swaying on the tube-line, the-nine-to-five work treadmill has never sounded so infectious!