Cosines at The Big Takeover

A year after their debut 7”, London’s Cosines release yet another small slab of vinyl that shows the band growing heavier, both sonically and lyrically.

“Commuter Love” attacks with the bass-driven stomp of a classic glam rocker, all frustration and no frills, the sound of riding trains in circles but not really going anywhere in life, love or ambition. On the surface, “Disclosed Stories” could pose as a Stereolab rocker, but closer listening reveals a strong Kinks pop sensibility with a bit of Peter Hammilldarkness, particularly in the lyrics, which explore friendships between two platonic parties who would rather be lovers, but just can’t make the leap. It’s an entirely successful release full of punch and honesty, the sound of people who actually live their lives rather than philosophize on social media.

With such a stellar leap on their second offering, Cosines have certainly established themselves as a true force in the UK underground. Best of all, they can only grow better.