deardarkhead at Here Comes the Flood

When their singer left the band in 2009 Deardarkhead gave up on finding a replacement pretty quickly and reinvented themselves as an instrumental post-tock shoegaze trio. Based in Atlantic City, a place of ill repute whose glory days are long gone, they let the music do the talking with the song titles hinting at what particular meaning lies hidden beneath the washes of guitar, bass and drums.

Their latest album Stranger Weather was inspired by Lewis Caroll (March Hares) and meteorological phenomena (Sunshine Through The Rain, Ice Age. Intense and captivating music with multi-layered textures unfolding slowly. Sometimes lyrics can get in the way of the flow of a track and Deardarkhead have managed to write poetry without using actual words. Not bad for a band who named themselves after a line from the Samuel Ferguson poem Cean Dubh Dilis.