Emotional Response at Backseat Mafia

Still in the glow of the new year and the full flow of obligatory resolutions, its sort of gratifying that pretty much everything about The Safe Distance and their new (sort of) video “Sandpits” has more than a whiff of DIY about it, that old favourite of those new year promises that last not long into the new year.

Given that the band is made up of David Nichols of The Cannanes, Stewart Anderson of Boyracer and Crayola of Sarandon, all three of which are hardly known for their silky smooth production (and damn it, we wouldn’t want them to be). As such, its a riotous slab of indie pop, gloriously DIY in its approach as this trebbly bass thunders and these guitar strum almost percussively as the wiry melody lines cast jagged shadows over the top. It all winds up to the swirling finish thats enough to leave you breathless at the end.

We’re not even sure the video is a premiere, although we think its possible, but given its criminally low views we’ll certainly claim it anyway. It was made, in true DIY fashion, by Crayola’s 9 year old son George.

The music, taken from The Safe Distance’s 7inch EP, is out on Emotional Response and is available from http://www.jenandstew.com