Fishboy at D Magazine

Although it had to be pushed back, Denton act Fishboy’s new album will see release on Sunday, December 14. Don’t these bands know that new records only come out on Tuesdays? The record is called An Elephant and it will be accompanied by a graphic novel. The story revolves around the horrific story of a pachyderm being killed by Thomas Edison, by way of the inventor trying to prove how dangerous alternate current was. Fishboy’sEric Michener explains here:

An Elephant is a 13 song rock album and wordless graphic novel about the ghost of Topsy, the elephant who was publicly electrocuted by Thomas Edison in 1903, and her attempts to avenge her death and pass into the afterlife.

Michener is always extremely conceptually ambitious and this is just another example. The band plays an in-store performance at Recycled Booksin Denton on Sunday at 4 pm. More info can be found here.