Fishboy at Glasswerk

What would it sound like if Why?’s Jonathan “Yoni” Wolf fronted a lo-fi punk band infused with organs and garbled, stretched cassette tape sounds? It would sound like Fishboy, and it would be completely mind blowingly great.

Hailing from Denton, Texas, Fishboy’s new album An Elephant is released on January 20th, 2015 and you can check out the stuttering punk of new single ‘Bury My Body’ below.

Founded by Eric Michener, who was given the name Fishboy after a dare on a middle school field trip to the Dallas World Aquarium in which he grabbed a fish out of the water and swallowed it, the band’s squawked and strained brand of lo-fi trashy punk is riddled with sinister melodies and a haunting organ line which lends a tense feel to this knife-edge single.

Check it out here:

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