Frog at Gold Flake Paint

Oh, Frog. We’ll never forget the moment they came waltzing in to our life, bare-chested, mile-wide grins, channeling every American guitar band we’d ever loved and every dead-beat town we’d never visited. Their debut album was a favourite of ours, and yours, and everyone who heard it – which, sadly, of course, was far fewer than should have been the case. But isn’t that always the way? Our screaming in to the wind didn’t go altogether unnoticed, however. Somewhere along the line it fell upon the inquisitive ears of our fave commercial-suicide purveyors, Audio Antihero, and it’s via them that Frog’s brand new record, Kind Of Blah, will be released later this Summer. Up to speed? Not quite.

If you missed the recent unveiling of the lead single from Kind Of Blah then you should certainly go and check out ‘Judy Garland’ right now, but before you do, and perhaps after also, we’re very pleased to bring you an exclusive stream of the single’s B-side; the rip-roaring, chest-thumping gust that is ‘Rainbow Road‘.

While ‘Judy Garland’ hints at something of a more considered direction for the NYC duo, ‘Rainbow Road’ is a vehement dispelling of such notions. Somewhat cantankerous, predominantly rousing, it’s a heart-on-sleeve rock and roll anthem as spirited and unifying as we’ve come to rely on. A safer bet there’s never been – this record is essential. It’s going to be a helluva ride.