Frog at the 405

When I think of the music scene in Brooklyn, I think of the last day of a festival, I imagine bands littering the streets like piles of used food containers heaped around bins. Strewn across sidewalks, waiting for a strong wind to scatter them into the doorways of bloggers, whose parents can afford to treat the extra real estate as an investment, securing the everlasting future of their darling tastemakers.

I’ve never been to Brooklyn, so I can only imagine, you’ll probably tell me it’s just full of chainstores but I won’t believe you.

Frogare from Brooklyn, there are two of them, which makes them a duo whether they like it or not. They are going to release their second album next month, but you can pre-order it now, it’s called Kind Of Blah and it’s really worth your time and energy. They have pretty much mastered the indie rock crescendo which is what makes it really enjoyable; it’s so enjoyable that we played the first single from the album on Huw Stephens‘ radio show a couple of weeks ago, which, I assume, is the kind of validation/endorsement you were looking for.

We’re premiering their song ‘All Dogs Go To Heaven’ even though we think the title is a lie. It’s not really reflective of the album as a whole, but there is a moment when he switches his voice up to falsetto that makes me grin so hard I think my face may actually split into two separate parts. Listen below and see if that happens to you.

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