Frog at Whisperin’ and Hollerin’

Well, calling your album Kind Of Blah is a hostage to fortune as it makes this reviewer go “blah blah blah, is there a thing I wanna hear on it?” And really, is there?

It opens with All Dogs Go to Heaven: a mellow moper with whine-y vocals and sort of OK keyboard sounds, but at best it’s background music.

We Then Jump Into Bed for Fucking could almost be a Mercury Rev outtake with some desperate sounding vocals. It in no way sounds romantic or the sort of song you’d want to be fucking too. Well maybe some virginal dweebs are listening and dreaming of fucking to it but not actually doing the deed

Wish Upon A Bar punningly re-works a classic song title but fails to manage to be a classic song in the process although it has some nice harmonies. It is so slight as to be a lily pad that isn’t quite strong enough for a frog to sit and it has some rather oddly distracting cymbal work. Photograph, meanwhile, opens like it wants of be Luna or Galaxie 500 and sort of almost pulls it off.

Everything 2002 sounds nothing like that year to me but has a church organ-goes-indie feel to it, a rather slight but interesting tune and I like the bells I keep hearing on it.

Knocking On the Door opens like it should be a blues song before going very wimpy indie and sort of back to the blues again. I wish it had just stayed as a blues song as it’s pretty good In those bits. Worst of all are the bits that remind me of Jonah & The Whale.

King Kong is just mad, totally off the wall and I want it to stop now please. No I don’t need that glockenspiel coming in…

Catchyalater (yes it is all one word here) is very slight and forgettable along with much of this album.

Irish Goodbye should be a drunken, babbling, carousing monster of a tune but of course isn’t. It does have some okay uke playing and that’s about as Irish as it gets. Damn this is the oddest tribute to Judy Garland I’ve ever heard; it sounds like they’re not really sure if they love her or hate her or just think she has a cool name.

Then we get Bad Boy and it is possibly the wimpiest song I’ve ever heard with such a title. It leaves me with the feeling about this album that is confirmed on the final track (kind of blah) that the whole thing is rather a lot of blah as it sort of hops all over a small pond. It’s almost a relief that it’s over.