High Violets at Tiny Mix Tapes

Dang, it feels like it’s been a minute since we last heard the huge, thumbing, reverb tailed-pulse of Portland, Oregon foursome The High Violets blissfully beating inside our own woozy temples. But, come to think of it, I guess most disorientingly huge and reverb-y stained-glass cathedrals weren’t built in a day, and neither is a disorientingly huge and reverb-y stained-glass High Violets record. After all, when your band specializes in making something often referred to as “dreampop,” you probably just can’t rush the huge, gooshy goodness.

And in any case, the wait for all-things-goosh is about to come to an end, because the group is about to release their first new album since 2010 (and fifth album overall). The 10-track affair, entitled Heroes and Halos, finds the four veteran gazers-of-shoe picking up pretty much where they last left off—using all that good goosh they had built-up to conjure up a “delirious mix of Lush and Slowdive,” in their delirious efforts to erect yet another “cathedral of color, a stadium of sound.”

The thick ass noise drops, in both thick-ass (dare I say, “gooshy”?) vinyl and airy-ass (um, “booshy?) digital versions, and both come at us courtesy of Saint Marie Records on April 1. But luckily for your goosh-crazed self, you don’t have to wait until then to snag a swirly taste of the EZ CHEEZ, because TMT has the exclusive premiere of the title track, “Heroes and Halos,” streaming right down below! Goosh, FTW!

And while you’re listening, you can also pre-order the album from Saint Marie… if you’re not too carried away on the River of Goosh that’s about to be coming your way when you hit play.