High Violets at Four Culture

Fourculture are delighted to bring you an exclusive premiere of the third single from The High Violetsnew album, Heroes and Halos.  And even better news, it’s the best one yet.

“How I Love (Everything About You)” keeps to that dreampop and shoegaze sound which is at the heart of what they do with reverb at the perfect level from the opening snares to the assured vocal of Kaitlyn Ni Donovan.

Synths and guitars communicate with siren-like hooks and naturally it  has a 90s, 4AD edge but later on in the song there is a poppier feel in keeping with the likes of Blonde Redhead.

The song has a sweet title but despite the sweet sounds it is never twee and at under 3 minutes it’s just the right length to be moreish.  The perfect song to open their forthcoming album (out 1 April).