Hobbes Fanclub at So Said K

It was six years in the making, but The Hobbes Fanclub‘s debut LP, Up At Lagrange, is finally here. I’m going to have to agree with everyone else, too – it was worth the wait.

I remember hearing “Your Doubting Heart” for the first time. It must have been just prior to my NYC Popfest 2013 weekend, where I was lucky enough to see the band play (twice? Perhaps we won’t talk about that here). I missed them atIndietracks thanks to clashes (or was I just hiding out in the train bar?) which I am now regretting.

The Bradford, UK trio as it is now known, comprised of guitarist Leon Carroll, bassist Louise Phelan, and drummer Adam Theakston, was drafted together in 2011, though the band has existed since 2008. The influences and inspirations are obvious: a lot of Jesus and Mary Chain, a little Galaxie 500, hints of Ride and other like shoegaze bands. It’s lush and dreamy. It’s melodic with just the right amount of feedback. Each song shimmers out of my speakers into my pop-loving heart. It’s an instant classic.

I’m jumping on the bandwagon: this has all kinds of Album of the Year potential.

Up At Lagrange is now available via Shelflife Records or, for the UK, The Hobbes Fanclub’s bandcamp page. This will sell out so don’t wait too long.