Joanna Gruesome/Trust Fund at Big Takeover

Now gaining momentum after the success of their debut album, Cardiff, Wales-based Joanna Gruesome return with three new songs backed by some friends from Brighton, Trust Fund.

“Jerome (Liar)” opens the Gruesome side with a punch. Aberrantly noisy within a spunky melodicism, it’s a quick bit of punk to get things rolling. An alternate version of “Satan (Desire Edition),” from 2013’s Weird Sister follows, with the epic, Stereolab-ish “Coffee Implosion” finishing the side.

Trust Fund’s songs offer a perfect compliment to their friends’ songs with a tasteful blend of pop and distortion. “Reading the Wrappers” begins quietly and builds to a noisier finish without losing any fluidity, while “Scared” delivers some energetic art pop. “No Pressure” finishes the side with quiet, emotional honesty fit for the Chris Isaak contingent.

Though a quick release, it is significant for both continuing Joanna Gruesome’s sonic explorations and introducing us in the States to Trust Fund. It’s a good way to keep your turntable warm this winter.