Knowlton Bourne at Pittsburgh in Tune

The music of 23-year-old newcomer Knowlton Bourne might take a little while to grow on you. The Mississippi native plays a type of Southern shoegaze that might put off listeners looking for catchy, hook-filled melodies.

Bourne ‘s debut full-length, “Songs From Motel 43,” didn’t do much for me on the first spin, but I found myself enjoying it a little more each and every time I listened. He’s a talented guy with a bright, bright future and patient listeners will be rewarded.

If the opening salvo of “Summer Sun” and “Hangin’ Around” tickles your fancy, chances are the rest of “Songs From Motel 43” will, too. Bourne impresses n “Done Movin On,” “Motel 43,” “The River (For Nels)” and terrific set closer (and second single) “Glow.” With a bit more seasoning, I have little doubt that Knowlton Bourne has a truly great record in him yet.