Lunchbox at Big Takeover

Singer/guitarist Tim Brown and bassistDonna McKean have been perfecting their sugary rock recipe as Lunchbox on and off for over 15 years now.

Last year, the duo released Lunchbox Loves You to renewed acclaim.

Their latest is a six song appetizer of even stickier, rot-your-teeth-out power pop.

Dubbed the Smash Hits EP, the duo’s candy coated approach to indie rock will satisfy the appetites of fans who regularly say grace at the table of scrappy rock GodsGuided By Voices.

Feelings of boredom, melancholy and heart-bursting love are dealt with by way of pop rocks n’ coke fueled guitar and an excellent guest drummer. All of the above flavors can be sampled on stand-out thrasher “Love Song.”

On “Flatland”, Brown begins by asking, “Where does the time go/and what does it do?” only to sneer that he doesn’t know and neither do you. That lyric could serve as the mission statement for Smash Hits, which zips by in just over 13 minutes.

Luckily, a quick tap of the replay button can suffice until their next smorgasbord is released.