Luxembourg Signal at Dagger

Wow, I loved the 7” from back in April (“Distant Drive” b/w “Wishing Pool” ) both of those songs are on here though not sure if they;re different versions or not. This band, mostly based in Los Angeles, feature most of the members of beloved Sarah Records band Aberdeen. We know that Beth has been singing for year with Trembling Blue Stars while the other members, Johnny, Brian, Betsy and Ginny are all aboard. Wondered about Mr. John Girgus and while he doesn’t play in the band he did do some of this recording (and played on a few tunes. . Unlike the 7” the songs are more atmospheric on here with more room to spread out as they make major use of both time sand space. Some of this even reminded me of Spacemen 3 at times. This is even better than expected , form the druggy “Drowning” to the driving “Wishing Pool” and the gorgeous “We Go on’ there’s seriously not a dog amongst these ten songs. If Beth can get her tail over to the states maybe they can play some shows , which would be seriously great. Two side notes: masterfully co-recorded by Mr. Dave Newton and Dale Crover (yup, that Dale Crover, from The Melvins) plays drums on one song (??!!!). Essential listening.