Luxembourg Signal at Get It On Vinyl

There is a no better way to discover a band than a top shelf 7”. While The Luxembourg Signal may be a new band, their other project including Aberdeen, Trembling Blue Stars, and Fonda, make for an impressive resume. The new project is a combination of dream pop and a thin layer of shoegaze, and it works on all the right levels.

The new 7”, available from Shelflife Records, opens with “Distant Drive.” Beth Arzy’s vocals, while soft, have the ability to pull the listener into new levels of euphoria. With Johnny Joyner’s guitar work, its journey into the fog that you will want to take repeatedly.

The flip-side has Betsy Moyer taking over on lead vocals, but has the same feel. The track is cleaner than “Distant Drive” opting for a softer surf rock with the guitar work. What really shines on the track is Brian Espinosa on drums. While Joyner is rides every wave, Espinosa is guiding the ship.

The single is a snippet of the upcoming full length available later this year, and this album just climbed to the top of our pre-order list.

You can order the 7” here.