Mind Brains at Athens Banner-Herald

In the age of MP3, Garageband and iTunes, modern technology has allowed bands to completely bypass the music industry by recording and releasing their material without the aid of professional engineers or marketing departments.

But in this 21st century ocean of self-generated content, how do you draw attention to your stuff?

How would you make an impression on the local media in a town like Athens, where event fliers of wildly varying quality are taped, stapled and pasted on top of one another on a near-constant basis?


Along with the requisite information and artwork, you mail us your CD in between two slices of bread, complete with heart-shaped cutouts so as not to completely obscure the cover art.

And that’s exactly what Orange Twin Records did with their latest release, the self-titled disc by Mind Brains. The album, which “drops on Hamuary 666th, 1945” according to an accompanying document, already has our undivided attention.

Take note, those who think press kits are an outdated (or unnecessary) part of being an independent artist. Your music need not stop with filling the ears and imagination of the listener. It can stop their stomach from growling, too.