Muuy Biien at 45 Revolutions

my thoughts: the 1st track was sooo boreng just some noise but 1ce its over i find out im dealin with rockinrollers on this1.. not my first time with rockenrollers sence i did a nice remix of a foregner song. most songs hes shoutin and stuff mayb their punk rockinrollers? idk hard 2 tell anyway um good energy and stuff but the sound seems a litle bit weird. even tho the words where so hard to here muy bein was kind enugh to post lyrics

most badass lyric: umm the lyrics were all kinda weird and didnt make scents but this1 was cool—- from frigid: you’re in my crosshairs too…kinda badass like ur gonna shoot some1 i guess

funniest lyric:

she bursts
like a landscape
when she burns
it’s embarrassing

that was prety funy im amagining a a fatso burstin open at a party or some shit

dopest beat: they sounded all kinda the same exept the cyclomania ones ima gonna go with DIY sence it was the last song i herd that wasnt cyclyomania

rate songs 1-10 stars: 3 good for rockinroll songs but not the best if rockenroll is ur fav

rate cover art 1-10: mayb i think like 2 stars…cover art was a bit desterbing mayb the muy biuns were sad when they recorded most of these songs. hopefuly they wont rlly die and just keep practisen. their not thaaat bad.

overal 1-10 stars: 3 out off 10.. heres the deal if u like rock stuff mayb wait for muyy binns newer album mayb come back with a polished sound new micraphones and stuff. just dont downlode cyclominia 1-3 unless your into wierd noise that lasts 4 hours.