Muuy Biien at Losing Today

bugger me – swear we’ve mentioned this lot in passing but can we find a relevant citation – can we bugger as like – cool grooves coming by way of the much loved and dare I say happily recently reacquainted Happy Happy Birthday to Me imprint. First up Muuy Biien whose full length ‘DYI (do yourself in)’ is by our reckoning set to crack heads and put a fair few noses out of joint and will be getting closer inspection in the forthcoming days here. For now though they are currently previewing the bollock dropping ‘she bursts’ from that set, a potent dash of post new wave punkoid aural action painting that takes its initial cue from the Modern Lovers wired out ‘she’s cracked’ then jams it in to the mains box at the core of Magazine’s fried psyche only to fracture it in the kind of up and about you in an instant acutely infectious and angular sonic pedigree that blessed rare outings by the likes of the Scars, the Sinatras and the Fire Engines – so rash forming it ought to come pre packed with jabs.