noon:30 at Big Takeover

Washington, D.C.-via-Detroit-based electro-charged female duo, Noon:30, explode with an EP that runs the spectrum of rage – from quiet to crushing.

Not resting in any single genre, Finding Release heralds a new movement of wide-eyed, jaw-clenched cyberpunk. The opening “Dream” draws you in with soothing, spacey electronic pop that recalls Laika and Sneaker Pimps in a benzo coma while showcasing Blue’s stunningly beautiful voice, which takes center stage again in the a cappella blues of “Interlude.” “Rodeo” erupts as a hip-hop diatribe against those who doubt with the fury of Nicki Minaj filtered through Missy Elliott’s penchant for exploration. On the sinister, sexy “Gun,” guitarist Aissa Hill comes into her own with stinging, psychedelic licks over a post-industrial wasteland of digital grind and satellite blips. And that’s just Side A. Side B pushes “Gun” and “Rodeo” further with remixes byTunabunny, The Bastards of Fate and Aimee Norwich & Senem Pirler. This is where the glow of neon becomes replaced by the stench of oil and epoxy in an underground club that functions as an auto repair shop during the day.

Noon:30 present a perfect example of everything wrong with the Billboard Top 40, simply because they are not on it. Hopefully, that changes. Pick this up now so you can brag to your buddies that you knew about them way back when…