Presents for Sally at Big Takeover

Ah, the long awaited second album from one of my favorite bands of the past few years. England’s Presents for Sally dives deep into the psychedelic shoegaze musical vein and has created a shimmering, loud, and blisteringly beautiful suite of songs this time around. Consider “We Fought Lucifer (And Won)” as guitarist/vocalist Matt Ethertonwrestles with the barely controlled fury of his feedback-driven guitars, tempered only by his gentle vocals and the sweet harmonies of his wife Anna Etherton. “Wishawaytoday” is the first single, quieter but no less energetic than the album’s opening track, a stunning, gauzy song that is dense with multi-tracked layers of beautiful melodies. “Anything Anymore” is Anna’s turn at the mike, and she does a splendid job and it reminds me a bit of downtempo Lush. Matt joins in on the chorus, and I really dig those trippy guitars in the background.