Presents for Sally at Dagger

So it’s on the Saint Marie label which I like so that was a plus and I like the minimal cover of all orange with a few drawings of black birds and the words Presents for Sally in block letters at the bottom got me interested as well. Put it on and it didn’t grab me immediately, but I liked it enough to play it a few more times and by play number three or four I really began to like it. They hail from the UK , are a trio (2 guys and one gal) and fit in nicely on the Saint Marie stable, which is to say sticky melodies buried beneath mounds of fuzzed-out guitars. In fact, a few of the song titles give you an idea of what the band would sound like: “Wishawaytoday,” “The Sun Dehydrates” and the closing “Softly Spoken/Outside Honey” (all good songs, too). Opening song (the awesomely titled “We Fought Lucifer (and won)” is a good way to start off a record and also don’t miss “Everything I Said” and the melodic “Sing” (which could/should be a single). These guys obviously have some stuff on the Creation label in their collections and me assuming that is fine as these folks know what they want to accomplish and how to go about it. Nothing wrong with that.