Presents for Sally at Stereo Embers

Just recently we made the comment about Saint Marie Records that “the relatively young label [is] among our most essential,” and here now arrives, in the form of UK band Presents for Sally’ sophomore effort Colours & Changes, stingingly good proof that we weren’t wrong. Lashing about the mast with both swagger and sweetness while betraying an unabashed love of a certain generation of footgear-staring bands that emerged from the British Isles some twenty plus years ago, P4S nonetheless find myriad ways to shape those influences into their own image, speak it in their own language. Either (and mostly) washing over you in lush melodic waves or bashing you lovingly upside the neural pathway with glorious swaths of windblown, pop-driven guitar noise, Colours & Changes, umm, presents us with a hypnotizing case of the mind-bendingly cerebral meeting the swayingly sensual. The result is a finely-tuned (and sometimes detuned) work aimed straight at the more intuitive corners of the heart.