Dopeknife: Breakbeats n’ Vandalism  digital   (HHBTM Records)

Release date: April 20, 2020

Bio: Dope Knife is back! The Athens based wordsmith serves up a new project for Spring. Seven rap tunes, appropriately titled Breakbeats n’ Vandalism.

Dope Knife is a Liberian-American rapper/producer based in Athens, Georgia and host of the forthcoming “Waiting for Reparations” Podcast for iHeartRadio. After evacuating Liberia’s civil war he attended various schools overseas before settling in the US and delving into the world of beats and rhymes. After closing out the last decade with a slew of eclectic and experimental projects on indie/alternative hip hop labels including Strange Famous and Fake Four Inc, ‘Breakbeats n’ Vandalism’ finds Knife’s first offering of 2020 to be a back to basics approach for him.

“All if my albums have a vibe or sonic theme to them that makes it sometimes hard for me to just put straight up boom bap tracks on there, and that’s the stuff I write all too just naturally.” He says about the EP “This is an opportunity for me to just craft some self contained songs that aren’t part of an album concept. I’m just rapping.” Of the style of songs “I have an upbeat party track on there allegedly. My favorite song is “Face F@ck”, it’s part Slick Rick story-telling adventure, and part Nick Cave’s ‘Murder Ballads’, and I love it!”

Production of ‘Breakbeats n’ Vandalism’ ranges from upbeat to hard to hardcore to even a bit of lo-fi, with Dope Knife himself doing the good chunk of the beat work. There is even sick cameo from Stic of Dead Prez. This EP is a rhyme lovers soundtrack to spring break.